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Pathum Thani, Thailand World Biotech Tour 2015


The ambassador recruitment at the National Science Museum (NSM) was conducted in stages. First, 74 students applied to attend a biotech camp at the science centre. The students came from all regions across Thailand, including from the Center, Norther, Northeastern, and Southern parts of the country. Second, 41 of the 74 students were accepted to attend the World Biotech Tour ambassadors camp, a 3 day biotech-themed workshop hosted at the centre. The camp included presentations on biotech topics by scientists, communication workshops, and sessions for students to discuss and develop their WBT biotech topics. Finally, NSM selected 17 ambassadors from 41 to be a part of the WBT program.

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Training and Exchanges

Ambassadors studied and developed presentations for their biotech topics. During this time, ASTC hosted several online exchanges between the ambassadors so that the students from different countries could meet and learn from each other. Exchanges included science communication exercises, Q&A, and updates on the WBT events and activities occurring at each site.

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The World Biotech Tour was officially launched in Thailand during a press event before the festival. At the event, special speakers, including Dr.Pichet Durongkaveroj, Minister of Science and Technology of Thailand (MOST); Mr. Sakorn Chanapaithoon, Vice President and Acting President of National Science Museum Thailand (NSM); and a representative from National for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC), National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) welcomed the tour to NSM and spoke about the importance of biotechnology in Thailand. The press and media were invited to try the lab-in-a-box activities and to hear comments from the ambassadors.

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The three-day festival was held at the science centre and opened with a ceremony featuring speakers from MOST, NSM, and ASTC with a welcome recording from the Biogen Foundation.

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The festival included ambassadors and museum staff facilitating the Lab-in-a-box activities, a biotechnology scavenger hunt, ambassadors presenting their biotech table top activities, workshops on extracting DNA from bananas, a science drama on forensic science, and researcher tables displaying work and activities from universities and research institutes in the area.

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The ambassadors did an amazing job presenting their biotech topics and facilitating the Lab-in-a-box activities to the public and to the media!

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Following the festival, On 18-28 August 2016, the Ministry of Science and Technology hosted the National Science and Technology Fair 2016 at IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center under the theme “Science, Technology and Innovation: Inspiring Creativity for Better Living and Sustainability for the Nation". The National Science and Technology Fair is an annual event organized with the aims to inspire young Thais to see the importance of science and technology, encourage them to think scientifically and to learn how to use and manage technology wisely. The World Biotech Tour 'Virus Slayer' was featured, alongside other biotech research, in the World Biotechnology Pavilion. Close to 400 virus slayers completed the activity!

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After the festival, ambassadors continued to travel to their communities and schools to present their biotech topics and Lab-in-a-box activities. Locations include a Science Caravan event at Ang Thong school, Ang Thong; Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai; and Phuket Rajabhat University, Phuket. After 2016, the remaining ambassadors will continue to participate in NSM's science caravans and present their biotech activities.

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SCWS2017 Ambassador

For the final WBT presentations, the ambassadors presented their biotech topics, in English, to a panel of experts and an audience of gifted students. All the ambassadors did a wonderful job presenting their topics, which many included visual props and activities, and were recognized for their participation in the World Biotech Tour.

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The panel of judges selected ambassador Mild Yata Thanakarn to represent the National Science Museum THAILAND at the 2017 Science Centre World Summit. Mild will join 11 other ambassadors in presenting biotech activities and topics during the world summit in Tokyo, Japan. Along with Mild, Ball Pattadon Manakit and Joule Thamanwan Thongdee were selected to continue in the ambassadors program at NSM after 2016.

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