The student ambassador program enlists high school students from around the world to give presentations about dynamic biotechnology topics in their communities and school to inspire others to get involved. In 2015, each science center had a rigorous application process to select their ambassadors, some ranging from presentations in front of a panel of judges to written essays about biotechnology. Students selected for the program chose a specific biotech topic that interested them, ranging from agriculture to medicine. Ambassadors were matched with mentors who guided them through research and communication. In the process of preparing their topics, many of the ambassadors were able to:

  • Meet and interview researchers, scientists, journalists, Biogen employees, and museum staff members
  • Tour research laboratories
  • Participate in professional science communication training
  • Design and execute experiments
  • Meet with policy makers at the European Parliament and Commission
  • Organize science workshops and pop-up labs at schools and community centers
  • Exchange ideas and experience with ambassadors from other international sites

During World Biotech Tour science festivals, the ambassadors played a key role in facilitating the Lab-in-a-Box activities and presenting their biotech topics to the public. At the end of the year, an ambassador was selected based on their active participation throughout the year and/or their biotech presentations to travel to Tokyo, Japan in 2017 to represent their science center in the project at the Science Centre World Summit (SCWS2017). Meet the 2015 ambassadors below and learn more about them by hovering over their names (the selected ambassador for SCWS2017 from each science center is indicated in yellow)

Pavilion of Knowledge

Lisbon, Portugal

Ambassadors Beatriz, Filipa, and Tomás organize a popup lab at Vasco da Gama School in Portugal.
Ambassadors Maria Margarida and Francisco help a visitor collect a cheek cell sample for the "Take a Cellfie!" activity.


Miraikan - The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

Tokyo, Japan
Ambassadors visit the Biogen office in Japan.


Mechelen, Belgium

Ambassadors enjoy a group photo in front of Technopolis after their Science Slam competition.

Ambassadors Willem, Stina, Gilles, and Clara show visitors how to play the Virus Slayer game.

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