Lab-in-a-Box activities

Take a “Cellfie”!

Be a scientist and learn basic biotechnology skills to get a closer look at what our bodies are made of. You can make a lab anywhere by using a cell phone and some household items. In this activity, you will collect cheek cells and observe them by converting your cell phone into a portable microscope. Then, take a picture of your cheek cells for a biotech “Cellfie”!

Take a Cellfie activity and presenter guide (PDF)

Take a Cellfie sign (PDF)

Cheek cell anatomy (Word document)

Let’s Talk

Technologies and society influence each other. Imagine yourself as a different person in another part of the world and learn what biotechnologies might be important to you. This interactive card game can be played with a group of people so that individuals can learn how others might think differently (or similarly) from each other.

Let's Talk activity and presenter guide (PDF)

Let's Talk sign (PDF)

Let's Talk Technology Cards (PDF)

Let's Talk Character Cards (PDF zip)

Email for information about translated cards.

Virus Slayer

It’s a race against the virus! Learn how scientists try to neutralize viruses in this fun interactive game. Plug in the antibodies in the right locations on the virus’s surface. When you have successfully learned which ports to plug into, your virus is neutralized. Take a picture of your victory and then upload onto the internet, where you can become viral as well!

Virus Slayer activity and presenter guide (PDF)

Virus Slayer sign (PDF)

Virus Slayer game code (PDF)

Pipette by Numbers

Perfect your biotech micropipetting skills while creating art in this fun activity designed by the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences for the World Biotech Tour. It'll take everyone's help to reveal the mystery biotech image!

Pipette by Numbers activity and presenter guide (PDF)

Pipette by Numbers sign (PDF)

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences "Micropipetting by Number" setup guide (PDF)

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